High School 'Fight Club' Under Investigation (Video)


The first rule about fight club is don’t talk about fight club, but someone at Nevada Union High School in Grass Valley, California, leaked a video allegedly showing students brawling, which alerted school officials (video below).

The video allegedly took place in a baseball clubhouse at the high school during school hours, CBS Sacramento reported. The teens wore boxing gloves, but lacked protective gear while their fellow students laughed and cheered them on. According to YubaNet, which first reported on the story, some of the students in the video were members of the baseball team and wearing their uniforms when the video was filmed. 

It’s not clear how many videos were posted online, but they were removed after parents got wind of the fight club and contacted the school.

"This was unacceptable behavior. The safety of our students is our first priority. As soon as we were informed, we shut it down. This will not be tolerated. We immediately launched an investigation, which is ongoing,”  Nevada Joint Union High School District Superintendent Louise Johnson said in a statement to YubaNet.

Senior James Herlitz told CBS News that some of his friends were in the video, but that their intent wasn’t malicious. "No one was trying to like, 'Oh I am going to beat this kid up,'" Herlitz said. "Just some guys having fun, laughing, playing music and boxing."

Although school officials have only recently uncovered the alleged fight club, some believe fights have been going on for a decade. The school district is investigating whether any school personnel should be disciplined. So far, the police haven’t been involved, but the students could face suspension.

"We need to do a little bit more work with the education of our students about the seriousness of potential head injury,” Johnson told FOX 40.

Sources: CBS Sacramento, YubaNet, CBS News, FOX 40 / Photo credit: CBS Sacramento/YouTube

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