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Officer's Compassionate Act Toward Homeless Woman Goes Viral

Photos featuring a Massachusetts police officer buying a homeless woman groceries and a hotel room to stay in on a snowy day Feb. 7 have gone viral.

It all began when Patrolman Keith Perry responded to a call that a woman fainted inside a Wal-Mart store’s bathroom, The Huffington Post reports.

After talking to the woman, Perry learned she was homeless and hadn’t eaten for a while.

The police officer decided not to simply buy the woman groceries, but also secure her a hotel room where she could keep warm.

This was an especially compassionate act given that AccuWeather reports much of the area to be in a state of Code Blue, meaning temperatures are below freezing and thus even more dangerous for the homeless.

"Below freezing, the blood vessels farthest from the heart begin to constrict, slowing blood flow. As temperature drops further, cells can actually begin to freeze or develop ice crystals, causing cellular damage and tissue death," Dr. Trevor Pour, assistant residency program director for the department of emergency medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, explains.

"Officer Perry epitomizes the meaning of public service,” Patrolman Adam Laprade, who caught the incident on camera and later shared it on Facebook, said.

Yet some were not surprised. After all, Perry is known for his compassion.

"This is just typical of Keith Perry," Lt. David Dyson said. "Everyone said he did a great job, and I agree!"

The video prompted many civilians to share incidents in which Perry also helped them.

“On Halloween Officer Perry was patrolling our neighborhood. He stopped and gave out candy to all the children and then took the time to answer all the questions the kids had about his patrol SUV. Great community service. Thank you,” said Patti Moniz.

“He is the nicest! My son waved to him once as he drove by. Five minutes later he came back because he wanted to meet the little guy waving to him. My son wants to be a police officer so he spent a while showing my son his cruiser and explaining things to him. It was awesome. I could see the glory in my sons eyes! He will never forget that day!,” added Jennifer Matos Laroche.

Sources: The Huffington Post, AccuWeatherFacebook / Photo Credit: Facebook

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