Officer Gives Little Girl An iPad After Buying Lemonade From Her

Keeping the peace is thirsty work, so Deputy Zach Ropos of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio, decided to stop by a little girl named Gabrielle’s lemonade stand, Fox 8 reported.

Ropos asked Gabrielle what she planned to do with her earnings and she explained that she wanted an iPad to play games and access the Internet for schoolwork. She said she knew her family wasn’t in the financial position to buy the device, so she was selling lemonade to buy one for herself.

Ropos later returned to his home to find an older model iPad he owned so he could give it to Gabrielle. When he discovered the iPad didn’t work, he bought a new one and gave it to the girl. The generous gift seemed well-timed — just before Ropos arrived with his present, Gabrielle offered to give the cash from her lemonade stand to her mother for gas money.

Chief Deputy Frank Leonbruno wrote about Ropos’ encounter with Gabrielle on the Lake County Sheriff's Office’s Facebook page and the post has since gone viral. It had been shared more than 24,000 times since it was posted on June 23.

“I am sure he will be embarrassed to hear this highlighted and that it was never his intention to get recognized,” Leonbruno wrote. “But great job Deputy Ropos on making this little girl’s day! You really make a difference. And all of the best to Gabrielle and her new I-Pad.”

Sources: Lake County Sheriff's Office/Facebook, Fox 8

Image Credit: Lake County Sheriff's Office/Facebook


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