'Blue Lives Matter' Stranger Picks Up Dinner Tab For Police Officers And Their Families


South Carolina police officers got a special treat from a stranger while dining at a local restaurant with their families.

Inman and Travelers Rest police officers visited Los Cabos Bar & Grill on Feb. 19, Fox Carolina reported. The group was having dinner with their families.

Marie Paris, the wife of one of the officers, said the owner walked over to them and placed a note on their table that read “Blue Lives Matter.”

“A lady comes up to me and tells me she wants to pay the bill for the police officers,” Raul Jaime, one of the restaurant owners, told Fox Carolina.

The families said they appreciated the kind gesture.

“We were all kind of in shock because it wasn't just a group of officers where it was just three or four of us sitting down,” Officer Cody Pucetas said. “It was our whole families, and they took care of everything."

“Officers are being killed in record numbers," he added. "You know there's just this stigma that they're targeting law enforcement nowadays for a multitude of different reasons.”

Crystal Hall, a wife of one of the officers, posted an image of the tab to Facebook on Feb. 19. She noted that there were 14 people in their group that night, and the stranger paid for all of them.

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Sources: Fox Carolina, Crystal Hall/Facebook / Photo Credit: Marie Paris via Fox Carolina, Crystal Hall/Facebook

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