Officer Helps Elderly Man Cross Road

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In today's world where everyone is busy with their lives and people seem to be becoming more and more selfish and materialistic, an act of kindness can really stand out.

Recently, a video from Carmel Valley has gone viral due to the presence of this kindness, which not everyone exhibits. Here, an act of kindness in Carmel Valley by a San Diego Police Officer who is helping an elderly man cross a busy street was caught on camera, reports KFMB.

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Officer Eric Mallory had no idea that an Uber driver named Jessica Mikkola was watching him as he pushed a 73-year-old man along in his wheelchair across the street.

"Sitting there kind of grumpy against my window and I see them walking across and it totally changed my day," said Mikkola.

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Mikkola further added that she did not want Officer Mallory’s act of selfless kindness go unnoticed, so she posted a picture of him helping the elderly man on a social media account.

"I think it is so important right now to highlight the good things you see in your community," she added.

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With the help of the KMFB news team, Mikkola and Officer Mallory were able to become reunited.

Officer Mallory, who is 33 years old, said that there was a language barrier between the old man and himself. The elderly man was Chinese and spoke his native language exclusively, so the two could only make use of hand gestures to communicate with each other.

"I said 'let's go.' I don't know where we are going, but let's go. He kept gesturing and 'thank you,' 'thank you.' I was like 'I am not leaving you out there," said Officer Mallory.

Officer Mallory continued, saying that he walked with the elderly man for about half a mile in order to reunite him with his family members, who said they were very grateful to the officer. The San Diego Police Department Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol Unit also responded and followed along as the two headed toward the elderly man's family.

The unit served Officer Mallory by giving him a ride back to his patrol car.

Officer Mallory went on to say, "I just thought, if that was my grandpa, if that was my loved one or anything, I would want an officer or civilian or anybody to make that he is safe.”

After only two years on the police force, and then all in one week, Officer Mallory responded to a deadly UTC pool party shooting and the Torrey Pines High School student shooting, in which an officer was also involved.

Officer Mallory said, "That was chaos. So it was good to see this -- it actually made me feel better because there are people who do appreciate.”

"It definitely changed her whole day -- a good nice gesture,” said Mikkola who had taken the viral picture.

The family of the elderly man said that he walks a lot.

Officer Mallory’s boss said that he had showed the picture to his squad to encourage them and display an example of the positive impact that they can make on the community in one seemingly small instance.

Source: KFMB / Featured Image: PxHere / Embedded Images: Jessica Mikkola​ via KFMB, PexelsPixabay

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