Octopus Grabs On To Cat's Face After Feline Attempts To Eat It (Video)

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It was curiosity that got this cat into trouble when it tried to eat an octopus, prompting the cephalopod to clamp on to the furry feline’s face. 

In a YouTube video, the cat can be seen going to investigate a paddling pool filled with tentacle-bearing creatures. As it goes in for a closer look, the octopus retaliates by giving the cat an eight-armed face hug, reminiscent of a terrifying scene from the 1979 science fiction movie “Alien,” notes Daily Mail.

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Watch the animals go up against each other below:

The cat backs away, not knowing what to do about the creature on its head, which the feline eventually pushes away from its face and drops to the ground after a few seconds.

The cat is not giving up without a fight as it attempts to take another bite of the octopus while it flails its tentacles.

But before it can do any more damage to the marine animal, a man steps in and breaks up the confrontation, the Daily Mirror notes.

The 55-second clip was posted to YouTube by the Seoul Broadcasting System with more than 300,000 views, as of Feb. 27.

Sources: Daily MailDaily Mirror / Photo Credit: SBSculture/YouTube


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