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Octopus Grabs On To Cat's Face After Feline Attempts To Eat It (Video)

It was curiosity that got this cat into trouble when it tried to eat an octopus, prompting the cephalopod to clamp on to the furry feline’s face. 

In a YouTube video, the cat can be seen going to investigate a paddling pool filled with tentacle-bearing creatures. As it goes in for a closer look, the octopus retaliates by giving the cat an eight-armed face hug, reminiscent of a terrifying scene from the 1979 science fiction movie “Alien,” notes Daily Mail.

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Watch the animals go up against each other below:

The cat backs away, not knowing what to do about the creature on its head, which the feline eventually pushes away from its face and drops to the ground after a few seconds.

The cat is not giving up without a fight as it attempts to take another bite of the octopus while it flails its tentacles.

But before it can do any more damage to the marine animal, a man steps in and breaks up the confrontation, the Daily Mirror notes.

The 55-second clip was posted to YouTube by the Seoul Broadcasting System with more than 300,000 views, as of Feb. 27.

Sources: Daily MailDaily Mirror / Photo Credit: SBSculture/YouTube


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