NYC Waitress Stunned By 1400% Tip


A waitress at a rooftop bar and restaurant in New York City was shocked Friday night to discover one of her customers left a 1400% tip on a $30 bill. 

"Johanna," the server at Local West, a restaurant located close to Madison Square Garden, was asked to split a check among a few friends who had ordered beers, sliders, and fries, 2Paragraphs reports. When she returned to collect their receipts, she was stunned to find that one of the customers had left her a $414 tip on a $30 check:

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Big tips are big news lately. Last month, a waitress in Times Square was given a 7,000% tip -- a $3,000 gratuity on a $43.50 tip, Gothamist reported. In that case, the customer was well acquainted with the server, who had just been given an eviction notice. The customer was also inspired by his former middle school teacher, Richard Specht, who founded the ReesSpechtLife organization and encourages people to pay it forward. 

Last July, a Chicago waitress received an $11,000 tip from a Massachusetts businessman after the single mother of two revealed to him that she was struggling to make ends meet, ABC News reported. 

In "Johanna's" case, there is no indication that her customer left her the large tip because he was inspired by the pay-it-forward movement or had engaged in conversation with her.

Sources: 2Paragraphs, Gothamist, ABC News

Photo Credit: Tony Webster/Flickr 


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