Nurse Leaves Incredible Note For The Person Who Stole Her Bike (Photos)


A note written by a woman in the U.K., left for the person who stole her bicycle, went viral and had many readers applauding her for her brutal honesty.

In the note, the woman revealed that she was a nurse and made sure the thief knew just what exactly he or she stole from her.

“To the low life scum bags who stole 2 bikes from Blossom Street,” the woman wrote. “You stole from a nurse who cycles to work to give cancer patients chemotherapy. It’s people like you who should be ill.”

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The nurse’s note quickly went viral, and while many readers applauded her message, some thought she went a bit too far.

“I sort of doubt the nurse actually wrote that. A stolen bike isn't worth wishing that kind of pain and suffering,” one commenter wrote. 

“Bike thieves suck, but after seeing my mom go through it, I would never wish cancer on anyone. It's surprising a nurse would stoop to that,” another wrote.

The story follows a series of similar incidents over the past few years that have gone viral involving notes written by people who’ve had bikes stolen. In one notable instance, a note left by an angry cyclist was responded to by someone who pointed out that they likely had their bike confiscated for unknowingly locking it to a handicap pole.

Sources: Imgur, Metro

Photo Credit: Imgur


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