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See Anything Odd About Mark Zuckerberg's Computer?

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From the looks of Mark Zuckerberg’s computer, the Facebook CEO may be pretty paranoid about being watched and hacked.

In a photo shared by Zuckerberg to celebrate a milestone for Instagram, the billionaire was seen sitting on his desk holding a life-sized Instagram frame. Next to him was his Macbook – which had the audio jack and camera covered in tape, Gizmodo reported. 

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Social media users were quick to point out the tape, which many speculated was applied to help thwart hackers who attempt to take over his camera and computer audio and potentially spy on him. 

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The odd yet protective measure prompted responses from readers, many of whom applauded the steps he took to keep himself safe.

"I'm going to put tape over my camera lens now," one reader commented on Daily Mail. "And the audio jack (how does that help)? At least he's employing people with all of that security. Besides the people who guard him there are all kinds of other people who do other jobs securing his and his family's safety. His poor kid is going to have a strange life growing up."

"Nothing paranoid about covering your camera and audio jack," another wrote. "Pretty easy to hack into someone's camera, we could all do it, not hard at all. Besides, the tape keeps your audio jack from being filled with dust and fuzzies when it's in your bag."

Zuckerberg has been known to go to great lengths to protect himself and his family, as he was previously reported to have hired 16 bodyguards.

"He has guards over at his place," a source told Page Six in February. 

The CEO’s neighbors were reportedly not happy with his massive security detail, who they said "permanently … illegally" took up two prime parking spots in the area. 

"We’ve spoken to the security guards, and they were cordial but ultimately have been instructed by their supervisors to not move the cars under any circumstances," a letter posted by Zuckerberg’s neighbors read.

Sources: Gizmodo, Daily Mail, Page Six / Photo credit: facebook/zuck via Daily Mail

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