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5-Year-Old Uses Allowance To Buy Lunch For Cops

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William Evertz Jr., 5, from New Jersey, decided to spend his entire allowance paying it forward to police officers and those in need.

William’s mother, Tara Evertz, showed the boy a news story where someone performed a random act of kindness by helping a homeless person. He was so moved by it that he asked his mother for an allowance so he could help others, according to Little Things.

Tara started by making the boy do small chores to earn cash. William saved all the money he earned for seven months.

Tara told WCAU her son has loved police officers since he was 2 years old. The little boy decided he wanted to have a “kindness day” to treat officers to a healthy lunch.

“Next thing you know it was, ‘I want to help the kids and I want to help the police,’” said Tara.

Because William dreams of becoming a police officer, the mother and son’s first stop was the local police station, where they bought the Winslow Township Police Department catered lunch from Subway.

William took the food and balloons to the department's headquarters where mother and son were greeted outside by a police car, the police chief and keys to the station.

“It just shows the type of parents he has raising him,” said Winslow Township Police Chief George Smith. “Teaching him the right things in life that normal parents should do with their children.”

The cops even gave him an honorary shirt and badge, reports WCAU. He was also given a ride home in a patrol vehicle with lights and a siren.

“He wants to help people, he likes being kind. When we all signed up for this job, that was our thing -- we want to help people, and I think he’s going to do a good job,” Lt. Chris Dubler said.

Later that day, William and Tara delivered toys and school supplies to children at a domestic violence shelter, food to an animal shelter and gave $25 to a family in need of day care.

“He’s 5. I think a lot of people should take a page out of his book and just be kind to everybody,” the boy’s mother said.

Sources: Little Things, WCAU / Photo credit: Little Things

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