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After 6 Boys, Mom Finds Out She's Having A Girl -- And Her Reaction Is Priceless (Video)

The seventh time’s a charm. 

Video (shown below) of a North Carolina mom’s gender reveal party is attracting plenty of attention online after the woman found out that, after six boys, she is finally having a daughter. 

Gender reveal parties are events thrown by expecting mothers in which the mother-to-be cuts into a cake and the color of the cake — pink for a girl or blue for a boy — reveals the child’s gender. The parties are typically thrown for the benefit of friends and family who haven’t yet been told. 

WJW News reports that at Sunday’s party the Lair family finally got a surprise for child number seven. 

Cher Lair apparently hadn’t been told the gender of her seventh child, because as she cut the cake open to reveal a pink inside, she can be seen in the video screaming with surprise and falling to the ground. 

"Are they kidding? Is this a joke?" Lair yells in the video.

After six sons, Lair told WTVD News, she had just grown resigned to the fact that she would be living in a house full of boys. 

"Initially, on baby three and four I'm thinking, ‘Well come on there will be a girl at some point. They can't all be boys,’” she said in an interview. “But after four and five and six, You're kinda thinking, ‘Yeah they can.’”

She said raising a daughter will be a welcome change and give her the opportunity to do things her sons just wouldn’t want to do.

"I want to have that mommy-daughter thing, to take her to Cinderella, for pedicures and manicures, and shop for a prom dress. I've wanted that,” Lair said.

Doctors expect the second female of the Lair family to arrive some time in August. 

The new addition is already getting mixed reviews from her six brothers. 

Campbell Lair, 9, said a sister might turn out to be a bit cleaner than all the boys. 

"I like my brothers but I'm tired of all the dirt piles," he said. 

Houston Lair, 5, was less welcoming. 

"I'm sick of girls,” he told WTVD. 

The family hasn’t yet picked out a name for the first sister. 

The video of the Lair’s party, posted on YouTube, has been viewed over 100,000 times already. 

Sources: WJW NewsWTVD News / Photo Credit: Screen shot from YouTube


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