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'No Haitians' Classified Ad Leads To Social Media Outrage

A help-wanted ad stating that "no Haitians" need apply has caused much outrage, and has warranted investigations into the newspaper and organization that reportedly placed the advertisement.

In the October 15 issue of a New York Pennysaver, an ad placed by Interim Healthcare Inc. forbids people of Haitian descent to apply for its West Haverstraw Female LPN/RN position. The company provides in-home nursing services.

Carl Henry Joseph, a resident born in Haiti, believes the ad should not be tolerated.

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"For them to be doing something like this, come on, this is not right," Joseph told ABC 7. "This is the 21st century." 

The ad was published in the Rockland County Pennysaver, which is an area with one of the highest Haitian populations in the United States. Democratic state Sen. David Carlucci Of New York, who represents this district, took note of the discriminatory ad.

"Numerous residents from around the county were sending me messages on Facebook and Twitter about this horrific ad that was placed in the Pennysaver," Carlucci told ABC 7 News. "The ad placed by Interim Healthcare is just a blatant form of discrimination that cannot be tolerated in our community or in our state."

Carlucci also voiced his disapproval on Twitter and Facebook, which spread to tens of thousands of people. According to ABC 7 News, the Facebook posts reached over 97,000 people in just a few hours.

"I am outraged that this help wanted ad was posted and I stand in solidarity with many throughout the community who are equally outraged," Carlucci posted on Twitter.

Carlucci is calling for an investigation of both the Pennysaver and the healthcare organization by the State Department of Labor, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is responsible for enforcing federal laws regarding discrimination against a job applicant or an employee because of factors such as race, color and national origin.

"This company should be ashamed of itself, and Pennysaver should strongly reconsider running any job postings from Interim Healthcare in future publications," Carlucci added.

Interim Healthcare responded to the controversy in a written statement on Oct. 18.

"We value the diversity of our patients and our employees," the statement read, according to Fox 5. "The ad in the Pennysaver for an LPN is totally unacceptable and is offensive to us, and we know to all of you."

The president of the company also apologized, and the company said it is conducting an investigation into the advertisement.

Sources: Fox 5 News, LOHUD News, ABC 7 News, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Photo credit: FOX 5 News, Twitter: David Carlucci


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