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Nicki Minaj Criticized For Laughing At Woman In Video

Nicki Minaj has come under for criticism after posting a video of herself laughing at a woman on the street in Miami (video below).

Several people responded to the Instagram post by pointing out that it was clear the woman had a mental health problem, US Weekly reported.

It is not known what happened before the video begins. However, at the start of the clip, the woman tells Minaj to “go away."

Minaj then laughs at the woman and tries to speak to her.

“Miss, what did I do? Can we talk?” she says.

Among the more than 11,000 comments posted in response to Minaj’s video, some have alleged that the woman is well known in South Beach for having a mental health problem. This has not been confirmed.

“Nobody would make fun of a cancer patient, and mental illness is an illness like any other,” a statement in response to the incident from the National Alliance for Mental Illness reads, according to TMZ.

Minaj has left the video on her Instagram account and has yet to say anything about the controversy.

The rapper has approximately 70 million followers on Instagram.

“I love how you think this is appropriate to show all the young followers that look up to you,” wrote one commenter, according to US Weekly. “That dehumanizing is ok and bullying… then you have the nerve to laugh.”

Others also expressed their anger.

“What is wrong with you dumb a— celebrities talking people down and being disrespectful to people. Oh just because you’re famous that gives you a right to humiliate someone, um I think not. Grow up,” wrote one, according to

Sources: TMZ, US Weekly, photo credit: Eva Rinaldi/Wikicommons

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