NFL Football Fans Get Into Wild Brawl (Video)


A wild brawl broke out on Sept. 20 at a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Downey, California, between some San Francisco 49ers, Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants fans (video below).

Dave Amaro, the bystander who shot the video, told KABC it began when a 49ers fan went after a Steelers fan inside the restaurant where fans were watching the game on TV.

The brawl spilled outside where some Giants fans joined in, according to The Big Lead.

The police were called and spoke to some the fans, but no charges were filed, reports NBC Los Angeles.

Back on the field, the Steelers defeated the 49ers 43-18.

Some 49ers fans were caught on video (below) beating up a Minnesota Vikings fan last week.

WARNING: Video shows violent acts.

Sources: KABC, NBC Los Angeles, The Big Lead

Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot


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