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News Reporter Makes 4-Year-Old Boy Cry With Sensitive Question (Video)

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TV reported Courtney Friel accidentally made a 4-year-old boy cry when she asked if he would miss his mom on his first day of Pre-K.

Friel, a presenter from KTLA, interviewed Andrew Macias at City Terrace Elementary School in Los Angeles recently. In video footage she asks if he's excited to start his first day of Pre-K, to which he replies with a giggle. However, when Friel asks if he will miss his mom, Andrew’s reaction is a little different.

“No,” Andrew says in the video.

After a pause, Andrew begins to cry as he likely realizes he will miss his mom. Luckily, Andrew’s mom was just off-screen and swooped in to give him a hug.

In the video, Andrew dries his tears and quickly walks into the school for his first day.

Following the interview, Friel wrote on Instagram that the interaction had broken her heart.

“Now I’m anxious about sending my kids to school!” Friel wrote. “He was trying to be so brave!”

Friel later wrote on Twitter that she “felt awful” about making Andrew cry.

Multiple social media users criticized Friel for asking such a sensitive question. However, others replied that some people are simply too sensitive. One commenter pointed out that every kid gets asked the same question whether it's heard on the news or not.

The video has been viewed over 100,000 times.

Sources: DailyMail, CBS News

Photo Credit: KTLA


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