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New Zealand 'X Factor' Judges Fired For Criticism Of Contestant's 'Disgusting' Looks (Video)


Two judges on New Zealand's X Factor were fired after they made bizarrely cruel comments about a contestant's appearance.

Judges Natalia Kills and Willy Moon were let go from the talent competition when they unleashed a series of mean-spirited remarks criticizing a contestant named Joe for his "disgusting" looks. Joe arrived at the audition wearing a suit with his hair slicked back, and that was enough to send the two judges over the top.

The husband and wife team accused Joe of ripping off Moon's look, calling it "cheesy," "disgusting," and "artistically atrocious." Kills told Joe that it was "insulting" that he would attempt to look like her husband.

"I feel like you're going to stick someone's skin to your face and kill everyone in the audience," she said.

As Bro Bible points out, the "icing on the cake" moment was when the host joined Joe on stage, wearing almost the same thing and looking strikingly similar to him.

The couple was relieved of their judging duties after their cruel comments aired.

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