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New Yorkers Pay Up To $50 To Taste Non-Alcoholic Juices (Video)

Dozens of young adults in New York City are going on Juice Crawl events: tasting non-alcoholic juices, dancing in public and getting high on life (video below).

Anna Garcia, a freelance trumpet player, held the first Juice Crawl in October 2014, and it sold out. Garcia filmed a YouTube video (below) announcing the Juice Crawl, which she described as "a play on the traditional pub crawl."

“People loved it, and I decided to see how far I can take this,” Garcia told the New York Post. “I’m working to make Juice Crawl huge.”

Juice Crawl tickets go from $15 to $50, and take participants on tastings of up to 25 juices in three to five juice bars.

Juice Crawl is active on social media, and appears to be made up mostly of women, judging from pictures and posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

During a Juice Crawl, young people also wear headphones playing the same song and dance in public; they sometimes sing as well.

“I’ve been here for 10 years,” Melissa Guttman, a Juice Crawl participant, told the New York Post. “It’s rare when I have experiences that are like, ‘Wow! New York is so magical! I can’t believe I didn’t know about this cool thing I could do!’”

“It’s better without booze because you’re using your natural life-force energy, and I think that’s so important,” added Leora Edut. “Your inner 5-year-old gets to come out and have a mother-freakin’ blast!”

However, sometimes a Juice Crawl participant might sneak into a bar to have a drink during the crawl.

Sources: New York Post, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook / Photo Credit: Juice Crawl/Instagram Screenshot


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