New Yorkers Donate More Money To Drug Addict Than Homeless Dad With Kid (Video)

YouTube personality Coby Persin recently filmed a hidden camera video (below) in which he posed as a homeless drug addict and as a homeless father with a daughter to see which man would get the most donations from people in New York City.

Persin got several donations by holding a sign that read: "Homeless need money for weed, drugs and alcohol."

Several donors encouraged Persin to get high and to buy booze.

Persin then switched to a sign that read "Homeless single father need money for family" and was joined by a young girl on the sidewalk.

Only one person, a homeless woman, gave the homeless dad and child some money.

“That's all I've made today, but you need it so much more than I do," the homeless woman said. "You and your little girl."

She then prayed for Persin and the girl.

Persin told the woman how they were being secretly filmed, called her a hero and gave her $100.

Persin told RT.com, "The most disturbing, probably, was when there were other parents, who had children, and that they looked at me and their child looked at me and they just kept going as if I was invisible with my fake homeless child."

Persin made news in 2014 when he offered homeless people $100 if they could defeat other homeless people in an arm wrestling contest, but ended up giving the losers $50, notes TIME.

Persin was accused of exploiting the homeless people by some critics.

Sources: RT.com, TIME / YouTube Screenshot


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