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New York Yankees Fan Blows Three Chances To Catch A Ball (Video)

Will Smith, a New York Yankees fan, missed three chances to catch a game ball on Sept. 29 while his team played the Boston Red Sox (video below).

Smith had an excellent seat on the third base line, but ended up dropping a foul ball, missing a grounder that hit him in the chest and  failing to catch a ball that was tossed to him by a Yankees third base coach, reports the New York Daily News.

During an interview about his newfound fame, Smith told Esquire about all three misses:

That first foul was that high foul down the base line. And I was thinking, That's going to track back a little further, and it got lost in the stadium lights and I was like, Oh s---, that's coming right at me.

I can't remember who was at the plate [during the second foul ball]. It was the Red Sox. There's a little photo booth down there. It was a chopper coming down the line and I thought one of the crew was going to grab it, but the next thing I know it's right on me and it bounced out of my hands. All of the replays were in slow-mo, but the first two were smoked. You show me the percent of Americans that can catch that foul ball.

Then the third base coach picked up the [third] foul ball and threw it over, and didn't do me any favors because it was a short throw, and after half a dozen beers at a baseball game, you're not working your best.

Smith did eventually get the third ball, which was signed by all the umpires for his brother. Smith is hoping his Internet fame may score him some more Yankees tickets.

"It would be fun to go to another game with a glove on," Smith concluded.

Sources: New York Daily News, Esquire / Photo Credit: MLB/YouTube Screenshot


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