New Self-Parking Car Fails During CES Presentation (Video)

Faraday Future unveiled its new FF 91 car at the Consumer Electronics Show on Jan. 3 in Las Vegas, but the presentation did not go exactly as planned (video below).

Faraday Future Vice-President of Engineering Nick Sampson introduced the audience to the car and its main investor, Jia Yueting, at the World Market Center, notes RT:

Now, Yueting, I would like you to send the car to center stage in the way that you would do it if you arrived home one evening, and wanted to send the car to the garage. So, using the auto valet park, just press the button and it will find its way to the garage.

 When the billionaire investor pushed the button, nothing happened.

Sampson and Jia stood in front of the car as silence filled the room.

"OK, it seems like it's a little bit ... lazy tonight," Sampson added. "Maybe you would like to say a few words to the audience here because I know you've been wanting to say a few things about Faraday and what we've been doing."

The FF 91 eventually warmed up, and reportedly rolled across the stage, although that is not shown in the video.

Earlier, the car parked itself outside the World Market Center at CES in a live video feed.

The car did impress the crowd with its acceleration demonstration, which was zero to 60 mph in 2.39 seconds.

"It’s a complex situation," Sampson said after the event, notes The Verge. "We knew there were technical challenges. If you look up at the roof of this building, there’s a lot of structure up there that inhibits some of the signals the car needs to be able to self drive."

When asked if the car was being controlled via remote control, Sampson said, "If it was on remote control, then the person controlling it would have corrected that."

Sources: RT, The Verge / Photo credit: Faraday Future via YouTube

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