A New Scam Is Targeting Walmart Customers By Mailing Fake Checks With Job Offer


If you receive a large check in the mail from Walmart, immediately throw it away. It is most likely part of a new holiday season shopping scam.

Thousands of Americans have been mailed a fake check with a letter telling the victims that they’ve been picked to participate in the company’s new “Quality Control” program, The Political Insider reports.

Once the check is deposited, the scammers have the ability to drain your entire bank account.

A North Carolina woman named Anita Roberts said she received a $1,997.15 check in the mail on Nov. 30, and it had the Walmart name and address, according to WBTV. The enclosed letter told Roberts to log onto a website in order to “activate” the check and added that the money was an advance payment for a shopping job offer.

It seemed too good to be true – and it was.

Roberts told WBTV that a few minor details looked odd. For example, the postage stamp was from Madrid, Spain.

The check also stated that it was distributed by Wachovia, a company that is no longer in business.

After Roberts realized it was a scam, she contacted her local Walmart store, which confirmed her suspicions. The store asked her to send the check and the letter to them to be reported to Walmart’s corporate office.

A lot of scams trick their victims into wiring a certain amount of money back to them in order to receive the fake check. Once the victim recognizes that it's a scam, it’s too late and the scammers have left with their cash.  

“It just makes me angry that people are out there like this,” Robert said. “I think it’s a rotten thing to do. They shouldn’t be doing it.”

Walmart has not made any comments about the scam thus far, according to WBTV.

Sources: The Political InsiderWBTV-TV / Photo credit: The Political Insider

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