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New Map Shows What Cuisines Each State Likes More Than The Rest Of The Country

Yelp and The Huffington Post recently teamed up to find out what cuisines each state has a disproportionate affinity for. To determine these statistics, Yelp calculated the percentage of total restaurants each type of cuisine represented in a state. For example, seafood may represent ten percent of the entire Maine restaurant collection.

After that, Yelp compared each statewide percentage to the national restaurant representation. The results show what cuisine is most disproportionately represented in each state when compared to the national average. Huffington Post created the resulting image and compiled the top five cuisines for each state.

A problem that the creators ran into was that many restaurants can be listed under a total of three categories. For example, a Chinese American buffet that serves sushi could be listed under three categories. Yelp overcame this by counting these restaurants as many times as needed.

Yelp was able to figure out the totals for each cuisine by using restaurant listings on its website. According to Huffington post, “The review service uses information pulled by third-party data providers from public records and other sources in order to create its online restaurant listings.”

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Sources: Huffington Post

Photo Source: Huffinton Post, Wikimedia Commons, star5112/Flickr


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