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New Jersey Restaurant Workers Mistakenly Believe They Won Powerball Jackpot (Video)

Workers at the Grissini Restaurant in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, mistakenly thought that they had won the $900 million Powerball lottery jackpot on Jan. 9 (video below).

Servers, cooks and bartenders cheered and wept, reports WNBC, but it was not to be. The workers had the winning numbers from Jan. 6, a $528 million prize that no one won.

During the excitement, a dishwasher quit his job, and a valet told a customer to retrieve his own car.

The pandemonium turned to silence after about 15 to 20 minutes when the staff realized that bartender Charlie Poveromo had read the wrong winning numbers.

Poveromo told a friend sent him the winning numbers, but the new winning numbers had not yet been posted on the Powerball website.

"I dropped my phone I was shaking so bad," Poveromo recalled. "I finally found [my phone] and by that time there was already a buzz in the restaurant. People were crying and everything."

The restaurant workers have bought more than $400 worth of tickets for the Powerball lottery on Jan. 13, which is at a reported $1.5 billion.

Sources: / Photo credit: Grissini Restaurant/YouTube

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