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New Facebook App Tracks Who Unfriends You

It’s not you -- it’s me. 

If you are wondering why your Facebook friends are dwindling, you might finally have the tools to look for an answer.

A new app called “Who Deleted Me on Facebook” allows Facebook users to see who unfriended them, the Mirror reports.

The app is available for iPhones and Androids, and there is a plugin for Chrome.

It works very similarly to the “Who Unfollowed Me” app on Twitter, in which social medial users can find out who decided to remove them from their feeds.

The app will separate your friends as: New, Deleted You, You Deleted, Deactivated, and Current; however, it cannot dig up old baggage. The app can only keep track of deleted friends from the time a user installs it, according to the app’s official Facebook page.

Exeter-based developer Anthony Kuske designed the free app, which used to be available on Facebook until a few months ago. Developers had to start over after Facebook’s policies changed in April and no longer allowed it.

Some other similar apps that track friend deletions have been found to collect usernames and passwords. Hopefully Facebook’s new policies will help to filter them out.

While Facebook has cracked down on data-collecting apps, it is also known for collecting information about its users. Shortly after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same sex marriage on June 26, Facebook released an app for users to celebrate by changing their profile picture. Many people speculated that this app was used to track and research patterns.

According to the “Who Deleted Me on Facebook” page, it appears that the app’s webpage is running slowly from high traffic, and it is not yet working for most users. Many are also complaining that they cannot delete the program once installed.

Around 31,000 users have hit the “like” button on the “Who Deleted Me on Facebook” page. It is unclear whether the page’s administrators are notified every time somebody “unlikes” them.

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Photo Credit: kaysha/Flickr,


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