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New England Patriots Fans Stampede Into Team's Training Camp (Video)

Super Bowl champions New England Patriots opened their training camp on July 30 to fans who wanted to watch (video below).

Uproxx notes that when the gates were opened, the fans stampeded in.

While the Patriots fans ran over each other to get good seats, NYJets, a site not officially affiliated with the New York Jets, flew a plane over the Patriots practice field with a banner that read: "Cheaters Look Up" noted TMZ.

The banner was apparently in reference to the numerous reports that the Patriots deflated footballs last year, in a scandal that became known as deflategate.

The scandal resulted in Patriots quarterback Tom Brady being suspended by the NFL for four games this season, but Brady and the NFL Players Association, a players union, recently a filed a lawsuit to lift the suspension, reports Deadspin.

Sources: Uproxx, TMZ, Deadspin / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot


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