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New Commercial From McDonald's Sparks Controversy (Video)

A brand new commercial from McDonald’s that aired over the weekend is being praised by some and heavily criticized by many others.

In the advertisement, McDonald’s shows a montage of different signs from their restaurants, and each sign is completely different than the next. Some of the signs are tributes to national events like 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing, and the Columbia space shuttle explosion, while others commemorate local events like weddings and newborn babies. Some think that McDonald’s is making a huge step forward with their new campaign while others believe that the fast food giant’s commercial is insensitive.

“I thought the ad was awesome. It’s clear that all the billboards were real,” McKee Wallwork + Company Advertising president Steve McKee said, according to Fox 8 News Cleveland. “It was demonstrating that McDonald’s is Americana.”

Others noted that McDonald’s has been working hard to rebrand themselves amidst ongoing controversy over the quality and healthiness of their food.

“McDonald’s is working very hard to rebuild its brand,” Tim Calkins, marketing professor at Northwest University, said. “Over the past couple of years it has taken a ton of hits. This new signs ad is incredibly heartwarming.”

Others didn’t take the commercial quite as positively, however, and didn’t shy away from expressing their distaste on social media.

“Maybe instead of making that horrifyingly cynical #GoldenGlobes commercial, McDonald’s could pay employees a living wage? #ImNotLovingIt,” comedian Eugene Mirman tweeted.

“The McDonalds commercial that wants us to thank them for changing their signs during national tragedies is more tasteless than the McRib,” Twitter user Mike Polk said.

In response to the mixed reviews, McDonald’s released a statement saying that they “expect” and “welcome” some “strong praise and some negative comments” about their commercial and note that they will “continue to challenge ourselves to push boundaries in connecting with our customers.”

Do you think the new McDonald’s ad was made in good taste?

Sources:Fox 8 Cleveland, Yahoo News / Photo Sources: Yahoo News, Wikimedia Commons


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