New App Helps People Borrow Dogs

Bark'N'Borrow is a new app that connects people who love dogs, but don't have one, with dog owners who are willing to loan their pet out for short visits, sleepovers or even weekends.

"This is the next best thing between not owning a dog and committing to one," Bark'N'Borrow founder Liam Berkeley told WNYW.

If this process sounds bit scary for dog owners, Berkeley says his company vets every users' profile:

"That question is asked a lot, 'What if I lend my dog out to someone who wants to hurt it?' We collect your residential information, your billing information, your address, your full name, your details.

"There are much easier ways to get your hands on a dog if you are that type of person that wants to hurt a dog or steal a dog than going through our platform and through our system. We try to do the utmost."

Bark'N'Borrow already has 50,000 users across the country with 10,000 in the New York area.

In addition to dog borrowing, the app also connects dog owners to professional dog walkers and sitters.

The app's website states: "Borrowers are great, but we understand the importance of using certified dog walkers, sitters and caretakers -- especially when dog-owners need help at their convenience or for long periods of time. So Bark’N’Borrow also has the option to find a professional pet sitter for your dog; and you can become one yourself. The main difference between the two is that the professional sitters charge for their services at a rate that they set themselves, whereas Borrower’s do not."

Bark'N'Borrow is currently free for borrowing, but that changes in April when it will go to a pay service, which begins at $4.99 a month.

For people who provide dog sitting, the website says it collects a 15 percent service fee from the total amount charged. 

Sources: WNYW, Bark'N'Borrow / Photo credit:Bark'N'Borrow

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