Neighbors In Texas Repay Store Cashier After Act Of Kindness Results In Theft (Photos)


A group of neighbors in Fort Worth, Texas, came together to repay a Walgreens cashier after his act of kindness went awry.

“Last week, I was at my neighborhood Walgreens in Keller, Texas, when I witnessed something pretty cool,” customer Karridy Askenasy wrote on Facebook. “I approached the counter to pay for my items, and the young man apologized that he couldn't check me out, because he was waiting for the previous customer to get some money from her car.”

Askenasy said he looked out of the window to the parking lot and spotted a woman getting into her car and driving away. “That one? The one driving away?” he asked the cashier. The young man, later identified as Christian Griffan, disappointedly pulled out his own debit card and swiped it to reimburse the $6 the woman spent on formula.

“I’m like ‘you’re gonna pay for that? You shouldn’t pay for it … you’ve got cameras, get her plates and get her back here to pay for it!’” Askenasy said. He was so taken aback by the kindness displayed by the young cashier that he shared the story on a neighborhood social media site called NextDoor.

Neighbors soon began giving Askenasy money so he could reimburse Griffan for the formula, and he soon found himself with $200 in donations. “What’s so cool is that I didn’t solicit it,” he said. “I just wanted to give neighbors an opportunity to recognize this young man.”

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Askenasy returned to the Walgreens and visited Griffan’s register to purchase a gift card. After paying for the card, he informed Griffan that it was a gift for him.

“I slid it back to him and said ‘no, that’s yours — that’s from your neighbors, we appreciate you,’” he said. Griffan was stunned but appreciative of the gesture from Askenasy and his neighbors. So stunned, in fact, that he didn’t believe the money was really for him.

“It took me a moment to convince him that it was his,” Askenasy said, adding that it was “really nice to shake his hand.”

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Sources: CBS DFW, Facebook

Photo Credit: Facebook


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