Neighbors Make Shocking Discovery Outside In Blizzard


A woman from Brooklyn, New York, who left her dog outside during the blizzard on Jan. 23, has been abusing pets for years, according to a neighbor who filmed the act.

“I don’t know why anyone would leave an animal outside for hours on end in those conditions,” neighbor Evelyn Costa told New York Daily News on Jan. 24, the day after her video went viral on Facebook. “It’s a chronic neglect situation.”

Costa said the “unapproachable” neighbor in the Crown Heights area leaves her two dogs outside during the hottest and coldest days of the year. Costa didn't know the woman’s name.

Costa decided to intervene after seeing the arthritic mixed-breed dog out in the bitter cold. She filmed the dog whimpering in the snow and uploaded the video on Facebook. The post had more than 300,000 views in two days.

“It was like listening to fingernails going down a chalkboard,” she said of the dog’s whining.

Costa called the police, but when they arrived, all they did was ask the neighbor to bring the dog inside. When the police came back the next morning to check in, the dog was back outside.

According to New York Daily News, a summons was issued by police after that visit.

Police returned to the home in the afternoon, along with Animal Care and Control workers. One officer said, "Do you remember me? I was here last year," behind the door.

Law enforcement and ACC workers then entered the house, where the dogs could be heard barking. 

Authorities identified the dog owner as 62-year-old June Wiggins. She did not open her door to answer requests for comment.

Costa said she repeatedly made calls about her neighbor but has never gotten any serious police action.

Sources: New York Daily News, Evelyn Tully Costa/Facebook / Photo credit: New York Daily News

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