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Police Officer Clears Elderly Woman's Driveway (Photos)

Police Officer Clears Elderly Woman's Driveway (Photos) Promo Image

A Kentucky police officer is receiving praise from social media users after photos of him clearing an elderly woman's driveway went viral.

The incident occurred on Jan. 17. A neighborhood watch group captured the moment Officer Patrick of the Ashland Police Department stopped what he was doing to clear the driveway of elderly resident, WCHS reported.

The woman was reportedly unaware of Officer Patrick's good deed until she was alarmed by her neighbors. The officer cleared the driveway to make sure the elderly woman wouldn't have any problems getting her car out.

One local resident took photos of Officer Patrick in action. The photos were then shared on the police department's Facebook page, along with a description:

Caught: Thanks to Deb & the Elliott [Neighborhood] Watch group that provided us with photos (Thank you Ashton) which allowed us to locate the Ashland Police Officer that stopped to clear the driveway of one of our elderly residents.

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Officer T. Patrick was caught in the act of spreading kindness today. The resident wasn't aware and was alerted by her neighbors that an Ashland Police Officer stopped by to make sure she could get her car out.

Deb contacted us and said, 'My neighborhood is grateful to a very kind officer who shoveled the driveway of an elderly lady today. We would like to throw some credit his way…' Thank you for letting us know! Thank you, Officer Patrick!

#apdcommunity #rack

A number of social media users commended the officer for his kind deed. Several locals also added comments of support and appreciation for police.

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"I have never seen a person clear a driveway so fast," wrote one user. "He worked like a machine!"

"Officer Patrick is such a wonderful part of this community and we are blessed to have him as part of APD," wrote another.

"Way to go Officer Patrick! This is the same officer that helped my daughter when she ran out of gas! He was off duty!" added another. "Great guy and great officer!"

"Not surprised! Troy and his brothers were raised by wonderful, Godly parents," another user wrote. "Keep up the good work!"

"Officer Patrick---above and beyond the call of duty!" wrote another user. "Thank you for what you do for the City of Ashland."

"What a great gesture officer," added another. "Often they are never given credit when it's due so thank you for your service kind sir."

Sources: WCHS, Ashland Police Department/Facebook / Featured Image: Max Pixel / Embedded Images: Ashland Police Department/Facebook

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