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Parent's 'Demanding' Halloween Flier Sparks Outrage Online (Photo)


A Halloween sign asking neighbors to provide allergen-free Halloween treats has gone viral on the Internet.

The sign was reportedly written by the parent of a child with "severe allergies" and placed on a telephone post in front of a neighborhood home. A photo of the sign was posted on both a Reddit discussion forum and photo-sharing site Imgur.

The bright orange flyer informs neighborhood parents that the woman's son has allergies, and it asks them not to distribute any candy containing nuts, gluten or dairy to trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood.

"My son has severe allergies and comes home every year devastated that he can't eat any candy he's collected at your homes while trick or treating," the sign reads.

"Don't exclude my child, or any other child from the fun," the parent adds.

The flyer, which advises parents to be "mindful of everyone's child," also provides a list of suggestions for allergy-friendly treats, including Smarties, Lifesavers, Necco wafers, raisins and carrot sticks.

Reddit commenters have expressed distaste for the "demanding" Halloween sign, which was posted on the site's discussion forum in an Oct. 29 entry entitled "So…beggars can be choosers?"

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"Dear parents. Please ruin Halloween for all the other children because of my child," one user commented in response to the post.

"That's rule #1 in the entitled parent handbook. No please or thank yous…" another poster wrote about the parent's request.  

"Seriously! It is totally fine to ask for special treatment if your kid will get sick, but you ask nicely and you DO NOT forbid anyone from giving other kids candy," yet another commenter wrote.

Posters on the forum suggested that the child of the parent who posted the sign should trick or treat with friends, and then trade candy that he is allergic to for items that he can eat.

Monica Beyer, a contributor at, wrote that the sign's demanding tone, not the request itself, is the reason it has rubbed so many Internet commenters the wrong way.

"This parent demands that you hand out carrot sticks, Smarties, Necco wafers and raisins, because that is responsible parenting," Beyer wrote. "If she had made a sign politely requesting that homes have those types of treats available, it wouldn't have come across as quite so pretentious and jerk-ish. But she didn't, and now we're talking about how awful her sign is."

The Food Allergy and Research Allergy group has recently launched a nationwide project to place teal pumpkins in front of homes that provide allergen-free snacks to trick-or-treaters in order to help make Halloween safer and easier for children with allergies, WWLP reported on Sept. 21.

Sources:, Reddit, WWLP / Photo credit: Imgur


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