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'I Hope You Are Cursed With...': Neighbor Leaves Note For Driver Whose Car Alarm Went Off All Night (Video)

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An annoyed neighbor posted an amusing note to a driver’s vehicle to alert them to their broken car alarm, and they didn’t hold back in the final paragraph.

“Hi,” the note read. “Your alarm has been going off all night. You need to get it fixed, disabled altogether, or just stop locking your car.”

The author went on to say that they sympathized with the car owner, as the same thing happened to them.

“But now that you know it is an issue you need to resolve it ASAP,” they wrote. 

“Lastly, I hope you are cursed with the worst sleep of your life for the next fortnight,” the note concluded. “If you own a pet, I also hope they forget [they're] potty-training and use your bed as their exclusive s**t receptacle.”

At the bottom of the note was an illustration with the phrase, “Worst Neighbor Award” included.

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“So he has one night of interrupted sleep, and he wants the car owner to suffer 14 nights of the same?” one Redditor wrote in response. “Plus cat/dog/hamster/pony shit all over his bed? I'm not sure if that is really a proportionate response.”

“Pissed off neighbor or clever attempt from a car thief, you decide,” another quipped.

Sources: Reddit, Imgur

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