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Nebraska Men Cleaning Up After Flood Discover Fridge In Field, Make Unexpected Discovery Inside


While cleaning up the wreckage in Nebraska following the devastating flood, Gayland Stouffer found something remarkable. There was a “magic fridge” abandoned in the field that still contained a plethora of cold beers. After Stouffer came across the small, black fridge in the middle of the muddy field, he opened it up and then cracked open a beer to celebrate all the hard work he was doing.

In an interview with the Lincoln Journal Star, Stouffer admitted that he wanted to know how the fridge got to where it was. The field had been underwater in a flood that shook Nebraska to its core just a few days prior.


Gayland Stouffer and his friend Kyle Simpson were walking through the mucky field on Sunday after they had spent the entire day cleaning up debris. It had been hard work, and they wanted nothing more than a cold beer. When Stouffer saw the black object in the field, he was curious and rushed over to find out what it was – and realized it was a fridge.

“Hey, it’s a refrigerator!” he remembered yelling out to Simpson. “And it’s full of beer!”

His friend was overjoyed to hear the good news. But Stouffer had even more joy to share. “It’s ice cold!”

Although Simpson wanted to believe his friend, it just seemed too good to be true. They had worked their tails off that day in the Nebraska field cleaning up after the devastating floods. They truly wanted nothing less than a cold can of beer. How likely was it that a fridge of them washed up right where they were? Not likely at all.

When Simpson drew closer, the pair looked inside and saw shelves of Busch Light and Bud Light, the perfect selection of beers after a hard day of work.

Stouffer called it a “magic fridge” that had been “a gift from the heavens” and their own version of a “pot of gold.”

Although the “bomb cyclone” had destroyed much of Nebraska only a short while before, the “magic fridge” gave Stouffer and Simpson hope that their lives in the midwestern state were not totally ruined. It was a sign that God still gave good things amid tragedy and wreckage.

After chugging down a beer or two, Simpson got to wondering about who the fridge belong to and whose beer they were drinking.

“We thought about the poor guy who lost it, and hoped he was okay,” Simpson told the World-Herald.

When the fridge got posted on Facebook, it soon found its original owners, the Healy family.

Brian Healy spoke to The Washington Post about how the ratio of Bud to Busch was just the way he liked it. He said that his dad was the Bug Light drinker, and therefore the “oddball” of the family as everyone else chugged down Busch.

As it turned out, Healy’s fridge had been through a lot. In 2007, it survived a house fire. Now it survived the “bomb cyclone” that caused billions of dollars of damage across the area.

Sources: The Washington Post / Photo Credit: Post Image

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