Employees Buy Shoes For Man Who Couldn't Afford Them (Video)


A man in Concord, California, got a surprise gift when a group of employees at Champs Sports pooled money together to buy him a pair of his favorite sneakers (video below).

Tyree, 28, reportedly came into the Champs store "10 or 12 times," asking to try on the sneakers before leaving because he couldn't afford them, WLS-TV reports.

"10 to 12 times, periodically coming in and, 'Oh can I get these, can I try these on?' But he never tried them on, that was the funny part," said employee Fernando Oliva.

"It got to the point where we didn’t even have to ask him what shoe he wanted or the size," employee Marquese Surrell said, according to KRON. "We were just, 'Hey! You want the Dub Zero size 8.' And we would go grab it. That was about how routine it was."

After Tyree came into the store nearly every day, a group of about a dozen employees at Champs decided to pool their money together to buy Tyree the sneakers.

Olive reportedly invited Tyree to try on the sneakers once more. Another employee took a video of the kind gesture, capturing the moment that Tyree learned that the shoes were his.

"I just gave him the shoes and he tried them on and he asked, 'How much are they?,'" said Oliva. "I said, 'They are $160, but don't worry about it, just try them on,' and that's when we surprised him."

"I think he was astonished, he was like, 'Wow, I'm getting shoes.' It was really cool. We knew he was happy about it," Oliva said. "It wasn't just me, it was everyone in the Champs store that just helped out. It was real cool, it was a good deed. We didn't expect anything out of this, at all."

The employees also gave Tyree a hat, a T-shirt, and a sweat suit.

"A lot of people were emotional," said Surrell. "It was just a good feeling, a great feeling. That was the whole point of it. It was for him, to make his day."

Sources: WLS-TV, KRON via WKRN, ABC via YouTube / Photo credit: KRON via WKRN

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