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North Carolina Woman Steals Ambulance From Hospital

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A Charlotte, North Carolina, woman was arrested for stealing an ambulance from a local hospital because she needed a ride.

Security cameras caught Autumn Prieschl, 36, getting into an ambulance on premises of Carolina Medical Center. Authorities said Prieschl was not mentally unstable or under the influence of drugs, only that she needed a ride.

"The new society of anything goes, what's the worst that's going to happen," resident Tammy King said. Officials told WCNC that bystanders spotted Prieschl getting into ambulance #47, which was empty at the time.

"Very important she had a destination. I don't know if that was her job or perhaps she was picking up a car, that is pretty wacky," resident Mike Pitkowitz said.

Police were able to locate the ambulance because of the GPS system installed in it. Authorities made a traffic stop where Prieschl was detained.

"I think it would be very reckless, immature and selfish; there are a lot of other people who could possibly need that ambulance," resident Tracey Bastys said.

A MEDIC spokesman said the ambulance didn't affect service, as there were 30 trucks covering Charlotte at the time of the theft. 

The spokesman said that crews often leave ambulances running so that they can quickly respond to emergencies when necessary.

Prieschl was charged with larceny of a motor vehicle and trespassing.

In a similar incident in early February, two Atlanta men were caught on interior cameras stealing an ambulance from a dollar store parking lot.

The men were seen in the video wearing hoods and purple jackets, and spent the duration of their ride smoking, checking their phones, listening to music and joking with each other.

They took a lengthy drive before police finally located the ambulance, though the men abandoned it by that point.

Sources: WCNC, WXIA / Photo credit: WGHP

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