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NASCAR Fans Upset Over Sexy Monster Energy Models

Some NASCAR fans are upset over Monster Energy models wearing sexy tank tops at NASCAR races.

Monster is going to pay NASCAR about $20 million a year for the title sponsorship of the top races.

Mitch Covington, vice president of sports marketing at Monster, told ESPN: "Monster has always been about racing and girls, and that won't change. When we first started in NASCAR with Robby Gordon in 2009, our models today were conservatively dressed compared to what they had on back then."

The Monster Energy Girls, as they are officially called, have replaced Sprint models who used to wear firesuits in Victory Lane following a race.

Covington recalled when women wore less than tank tops at NASCAR races: "Look at the old races when the girls wore bathing suits."

He added that there has not been any talk with NASCAR officials about changing the women's clothing, despite the outrage on social media after the Clash at Daytona on Feb.19. noted some of the outrage on Twitter:

[NASCAR] [MonsterEnergy] You need to rethink the hooker looking outfits your reps have on. Class it up for once!

Monster girls should be last year's Sprint girls, and should be wearing fire suits, not inappropriate outfits....

[MonsterEnergy] [NASCAR] Nascar is a family sport. The monster energy girls in winners circle look a little trashy. Please class it up a bit.

We finally have young girls convinced they can be #NASCAR drivers like Danica Patrick or reporters like Jamie Little, then Monster happens.

My mind of thinking behind this hole "monster energy girls" is... kids that love NASCAR will have to have their eyes covered when they come.

[NASCAR] #nascar sex sells? Quess won't be slowing daughter to watch. Monster girls half naked. What the hell.

Growing abit concerned with the responses from some NASCAR folks who should know better about the Monster Energy girls and their reception.

Hey [NASCAR] [MonsterEnergy] what is the purpose of 'monster girls?' The sport doesn't need them.

[NASCAR] Monster Energy girls are great way to lose 50% of fan base. Offensive, demeaning, bad image to give young female fans and racers.

Sources: ESPN, / Photo credit: Monster Energy Girls/Facebook

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