Naked Man Arrested At Nashville Airport (Video)


A 53-year-old naked man was arrested on Feb. 21 while walking around the Nashville International Airport (video below).

The nude man, identified by authorities as Eric Cherry, was cited for public indecency.

Tod Brilliant, a passenger who took pictures of Cherry, told WSMV:

"I was pretty impressed with Nashville. I thought, 'You know, aside from a few people whose jaws were dropped, everybody else was kinda just doing their thing, going on business as usual.' It was a great start to Nashville. It's a great city, I love this place."

Brilliant told the New York Daily News that he tapped Cherry on the shoulder: “I said, ‘You are amazing.’"

“He turned his head to me and said ‘Thanks,’” Brilliant added.

Cherry was reportedly nude for about two minutes before he was apprehended, and taken to a Nashville jail.

Cherry reportedly pleaded guilty in 2009 after being arrested in an airport parking lot.

“Wasn’t anything malicious,” airport spokeswoman Shannon Sumrall stated. “Just a harmless gentleman.”

“He’s never made it in the terminal before,” Sumrall said. “Most of the time he’s walking around in the parking lot.”

Sources: New York Daily News, WSMV / Photo Credit: Tod Brilliant/WSMV via YouTube

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