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Mythical Yeti Spotted In Boston Suburb During Blizzard (Photo)

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The people of Boston were faced with a strange sight on Monday night: a yeti.

A person wearing a costume of the mythical creature was seen walking through the quiet streets of Somerville, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston, on Monday night. The jokester’s identity has remained a mystery, and when confronted by ABC News he reported that he'd been “raised and educated by the woods.”

A twitter account also appeared during the evening that tracked the Yeti’s adventures through Boston: @BostonYeti2015.

Around 10:15 p.m. on Monday night, the yeti felt the effects of the city’s travel ban as he tried to hail a cab on McGrath Highway. The yeti later tweeted that while he enjoys the snow, he wants everyone to be safe.

Some Twitter users responded to the yeti with a few suggestions on how he should spend his time.

“@BostonYeti2015, don’t get it, but if he delivers takeout then we’re onto something,” Amy Guiel tweeted.

Another Twitter user said that if the yeti could stop crime during the blizzard, he would be a super hero.

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Sources: NECN, USA Today / Photo Credit: @BostonYeti2015, WikiCommons


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