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Mystery Couple In South Carolina Pays Young Family's Restaurant Bill

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Parents in Aiken, South Carolina, are searching for an anonymous couple who paid their tab at a Waffle House restaurant.

Courtney Purvis went to the restaurant with her family on Aug. 19, and was given a note by the waiter when it came time to pay the bill.

“Your bill has already been paid for y’all have a great night (the table in front of you paid),” the note read.

Stunned, Purvis looked around to find the couple to thank them, but by the time she received the note they had left the restaurant. 

“It meant a whole lot it really took our lives from for just a little bit it took our lives from upside down to right side up,” she said.

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For Purvis, the kind deed was more than just that. Just days before the Waffle House incident, Purvis’ 2-year-old son, who has Down syndrome, was told he’d need surgery. 

She and her husband were struggling, and the mother said she thought she’d hit rock bottom — before being picked up by the kindness of a stranger.

“It’s made me think that there are people out there that care. There’s people out there that will do the kind things that you expect people to do, and some people just go over the top, and do things that you don’t expect them to do,” she said. 

The gesture in South Carolina comes just a month after a similar incident in Woodbridge, New Jersey, when a mystery couple treated a group of 25 autistic children and their teachers to lunch while they were on a school trip.

Sources: WJBF, NBC New York / Photo credit: WJBF


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