N.Y. Teen's Inspirational Poem Discovered In London Bar, Goes Viral (Photo)

After a mysterious poem found tacked to the wall of a London bar went viral online, it has been revealed that the author is a teen from Brooklyn, New York.

Ronnie Joice, a London resident, tweeted a picture of the poem after finding it tacked to the wall of a bar. At first, the author of the inspirational poem was unknown, but quickly, the piece of prose was traced back to Chanie Gorkin, a high school student.

“Chanie Gorkin is an 11th grader at an all girls' high school in Brooklyn, NY,” the student’s profile on PoetryNation.com reads. “She enjoys writing and music.”

Gorkin’s family seemed excited the teen was getting international attention for her poetry. The student’s brother excitedly shared a story about her poem on his Facebook page, and the girl’s father posted about his daughter’s writing.

“So, my daughter Chanie wrote this poem last fall as a school assignment and submitted it to Poetry Nation,” her father Baruch posted, according to Patch. “In the last few days the thing went totally viral, apparently after being pinned up on a wall of a (London) bar...”

It doesn’t appear that Gorkin herself has responded to the attention as of yet. Take a look at the inspirational poem below.

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Sources: Patch, Mashable, PoetryNation.com

Photo credit: Via Mashable


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