Myleene Klass Publicly Shames School Moms For Requesting Birthday Gift Donations In 'Bonkers' Email

English radio presenter and TV personality Myleene Klass received a “bonkers” email from other parents at her daughter’s school asking that she chip in to buy birthday presents for their children, and her biting remark has gone viral.

The email was sent by one parent on behalf of two other mothers requesting £10 ($15) donations from each child to buy a Kindle e-reader for one classmate and a desk for another, the Daily Mail reports.

But after changing the names of those involved, Klass, who is the mother of 6-year-old Ava and 3-year-old Hero, publicly shamed them by posting screenshots of the email to her Instagram account and tagging it “bonkers.”

The message reads: “Jane and Hannah would prefer a class birthday gift for their daughters this year. Sarah would like a Kindle and Lola a desk (very studious choices!!) so if you would like to join in, please can I collect a suggested £10 from you before the party on Feb 9th.”

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(via the Daily Mail)

A second email from another parent simply asked for cash donations for her child, saying, “From memory, about £10 seems to be a popular amount.” She adds, “Feel free to give what you like or indeed, to give your own gift.”

Klass, 36, who lives in North London, sent a scathing reply making fun of the messages, requesting a unicorn for her daughter.

With the subject line “Let’s put the fun back into Bdays!” she writes:

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(via the Daily Mail)

Dear all

For Avas birthday, she has requested a real, live Unicorn.

I will be collecting Unicorn money via her book bag, in the playground or at www.getwhatyouregivenandendthismadness.com.

(Additionally I’d like a Ferrari and Leonardo DiCaprio, so by all means, do feel obligated to contribute to this too).

If you don’t wish to, please don’t feel any pressure from the countless emails I intend to follow this up with and clog your inbox.

Love and thanks!!

Last month, a father was sent an invoice for failing to give advance notice that his 5-year-old son would not be attending his friend’s birthday party.

Derek Nash said the mother of the birthday boy gave him an invoice and charged him £15.95 [$24.16] after his son missed the event.

What do you think of the parents’ emails and Klass’ reply?

Sources: Daily Mail, Opposing Views / Photo Credit: Myleene Klass/Instagram


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