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Musical Satirist Mocks Anti-Vaxxers With Pro-Disease Song (Video)

Roy Zimmerman describes himself as "America's premiere musical satirist," and his new anti-vaxxer song, "Give Measles a Chance" seems to fit the bill (video below).

The tune, which Zimmerman co-wrote with Melanie Harby, is from Zimmerman's album, "The Faucet's On Fire!"

Zimmerman wrote on his YouTube page, "This is an issue that doesn't cut along traditional liberal/conservative lines."

Zimmerman sings:

"What have you got against the measles / Why you gotta be such a hater / You with your facts and your viral attacks / You're a dangerous vaccinator

"Why you so polio-phobic / Why you so down on diphtheria / Why you gotta disrespect hepatitis / You got a bad case of hysteria"

Zimmerman goes on to defend tetanus and the bird flu, and croons, "Give measles a chance!"

As the tune progresses, Zimmerman appears to come down with the measles via makeup and video editing.

Sources: YouTube (2), The Huffington Post, / Photo credit: Roy Zimmerman/YouTube Screenshot


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