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Guns Found At Home Daycare Where Toddler Shot Two Boys

Guns Found At Home Daycare Where Toddler Shot Two Boys Promo Image

Police have found multiple guns at a Michigan in-home daycare where two 3 year olds were critically injured after a toddler shot them.

Two 3-year-old boys at a Dearborn in-home daycare were seriously injured on Sept. 27 after a toddler got a hold of a gun, according to WJBK. The boys were both hospitalized for their injuries, and are reported to be in critical, but stable, condition.

Police said they found multiple guns inside of the home in which Samantha Eubanks had been running the daycare service.

"I know my sister and she would never let anything happen to any kids," said Eubanks' sister, Ashley Escobedo, who said Eubanks would babysit the children of family members and friends. "She's the best person you can have to ever watch your children. She treats every child like they are her own."

Escobedo added: "She would always say, 'don't you ever bring a gun in this house, it's not gonna happen.' That's why I'm very shocked."

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Neighbor Marilyn Starr voiced her shock after hearing about the incident.

"It's appalling, it's negligence, it's gross negligence," said Starr.

According to Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad, first responders diligently worked to transport the children to trauma units.

"If there are charges, they'll be appropriate charges," said Haddad. "We seem to know all the parties involved and the investigation is ongoing."

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More than one third of households in the U.S. have a gun, according to Kids Health. The site advises gun owners to keep all firearms out of sight and reach of children, in addition to keeping them unloaded and locked.

It also recommends explaining to children that guns are dangerous, as well as explaining the difference between actual guns in the home and toy guns and ones they may seen on TV or in movies.

Kids Health recommends keeping ammunition locked away separately from the firearm itself and locking up supplies for gun cleaning, which can often be poisonous.

It's also important not to leave a gun unattended with children in the house.

Everytown, a gun violence prevention group, reports that on average, one person is shot by an American toddler a little more than once a week, the Chicago Tribune notes.

The figure is reported to likely be an undercount. Many of the shootings involve toddlers shooting themselves.

"Storing guns responsibly -- locked and unloaded, with ammunition stored separately -- is a critical step that every gun owner can take to protect kids and adults alike from the life-threatening consequences of a curious toddler getting access to a gun," said Emily Durbin of Michigan Moms Demand Action on Sept. 27 after the shooting in Dearborn.

Sources: WJBK, Kids Health, Chicago Tribune / Featured Image: Miki Yoshihito/Flickr / Embedded Images: Vuvanhahung/Flickr, Benedict Benedict/Flickr

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