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MTV Announces Which Halloween Costumes Are Racist, Mocks White People (Video)

MTV released a video (below) on Oct. 21 telling people not to dress their children in certain Halloween costumes that the cable channel deemed "racist," and, in the same video, mocked white people.

In the video, adults note the historical inaccuracies of the inexpensive "racist" costumes: "Little Amigo," "China Boy" (which was manufactured in China), "Arabian Sultan," "Little Geisha," "Indian Brave," "Indian Girl," "Toddler Jade Harem," "Gypsy Fortune Teller," "Kid's Mac Daddy Pimp," and "Child Rasta."

When the "Confederate Officer" costume comes up, one woman states, "Finally, a costume where white people are dressing like their own race, and somehow it's more offensive."

A man adds that he hopes people who buy the costume get into a car accident and have to "be saved by black paramedics."

In an article posted on, readers are warned not to "change your skin color to that of marginalized group for a costume (especially if your costume plays into other harmful stereotypes.)"

A separate article on comes with a flow chart to help people find out if their Halloween costume is offensive.

Sources: MTV via YouTube (2) (3) / Photo Credit: MTV Screenshot


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