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MTV Airs 'What If White People Experienced Microaggressions?' Video

MTV is as well-known known for its progressive views as it is for shows such as "Teen Mom." The cable channel recently aired a video (below) entitled "What If White People Experienced Microaggressions?"

Host Franchesca Ramsey introduces the segment by saying: "Microaggressions are those little unintentional insults that basically see people of color as stereotypes, which got me thinking, 'What if white people had to deal with racial microaggressions?'"

The video then shows minorities saying statements to white people that whites often say to minorities with a twist:

Why don't you have an accent, like a Swedish accent?

You know, your English is really, really good. It's like I can't even tell you have an accent or anything.

Can you say a curse word in European?

How do you get your hair like that? I love how it's so limp.

Your eyes are so round! Like this!

Conservative commentator Steven Crowder recently posted a video (below) mocking the microaggression theory, which is taught at some colleges.

He also wrote on his website that the real meaning of microaggression is "everyone is super racist, sexist and prejudice even though they think they aren’t and you have no proof that says otherwise. As a matter of fact, no proof is even better than proof… because it’s already like proof anyhow. So shut up and don’t express a different opinion than mine."

Sources: MTV, / Photo Credit: MTV Screenshot


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