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Girl's Twitter Rant About The Charleston Shooting Gets Her Fired (Photos)

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A movie theater employee was apparently fired after her employer discovered her tweets in response to the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.

Hyley DiBona took to social media to rant about her stance on the issues of race following the June 17 shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

“Don’t complain about being a minority and saying whites are the problem when your ancestors chose to come here knowing they would be a minority,” she wrote in one tweet.

“If you are a minority and don't like (sic) then go back (sic) that's what freedom is," the tweet read.

"Half of minorities might as well have 'you should feel bad for being white' tattooed on their foreheads," another tweet read.

Twitter users later found a photo of DiBona wearing a nametag from Regal Entertainment Group, indicating where she worked. After discovering this, several users contacted the entertainment group to inform it of its employee’s questionable online comments.

DiBona then sent out a screenshot of a text from her alleged employer that said her Twitter presence had no bearing on her employment reading, “Social media has no affiliation with our coporation.”

Hundreds of people reportedly complained to the theater and prompted a response from the company, which stated: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We do not condone this behavior in any shape (sic) form.”

The company's statement also noted that DiBona had been fired due to her conduct.

The company later released a statement reading:

“This individual does not represent Regal Entertainment Group. Her comments are offensive and she has engaged in behavior that violates everything which Regal stands for.

“No representative from Regal has in any way consented or acknowledged her or the continuation of her employment. The alleged text from her GM is false. Rest assured that no Regal Entertainment Group guest, regardless of which Regal you frequent, will ever need to worry about any individual being employed by Regal that engages in such conduct.”

Source: Bossip, EOnline

Photo Credit: Twitter via Bossip


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