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Movie Critic: Charlie Brown Needs 'Non-White Love Interest' In 'The Peanuts Movie' (Video)

“The Peanuts Movie,” a new animated film featuring Charlie Brown and all of his pals, opens on Nov. 6, but one film critic believes the flick would be better if Brown had a love interest who is not white (video below).

Peter Debruge writes in Variety, "Brown develops a crush on his new neighbor, the otherwise nameless (and until now, virtually faceless) Little Red-Haired Girl."

Debruge adds later, "But a little modernization wouldn’t have hurt, especially in the diversity department. While Franklin remains Charlie Brown’s only brown friend, a non-white love interest would have been as progressive as Schulz’s tomboyish depiction of Peppermint Patty was back in the day."

In response to Debruge, the conservative website NewsBusters fired back: "Charlie Brown should go black, and never come back? As usual, cultural commissars think 'tomboyish' is code for 'lesbian' or 'transgender,' so perhaps next they will demand Chuck discuss gender fluidity with 'Peppermint Patrick.'"

To be fair, Debruge does say in his review: "Still, it’s consistency with the characters’ language and personalities that seems to have mattered most to Schulz’s heirs, who rightly consider Charlie Brown’s long-unrequited romantic obsession with the Little Red-Haired Girl to be the right catalyst to bring his inner optimist to light."

Sources: Variety, NewsBusters / Image Credit: 20th Century Fox/YouTube Screenshot


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