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Who's Responsible For This Motorcyclist's Crash? (Video)

A video, recently posted to social media sites, that shows point-of-view footage of a motorcyclist getting hit by a car at a blocked intersection has many debating whether the motorcyclist or the person driving the car was at fault. 

In the video (shown below), which was apparently shot with a helmet-mounted camera, the rider can be seen approaching an intersection that is clogged with cars. The cameraman, who has a green light, can be heard complaining that cars have piled into the intersection blocking his path.

The motorcyclist stops the bike briefly then guns the engine, apparently aiming to shoot through a narrow gap between two cars. As he approaches the line of cars, a white car begins advancing with traffic and clips the motorcyclist. 

The camera captured the whole accident. In the footage, the driver, who seems uninjured, gets up and begins walking around to survey the damage. 

“Really?” he is heard saying to the driver of the car. 

“Why would you sit in the intersection, and block the intersection?” he then asks. 

It’s a different question, though, that Reddit users were asking recently. The video has been the topic of conversation in a thread titled, “Who do you think is at fault here?”

Most come down on the side of the cyclist, saying the motorcyclist was foolish to gun the bike into a crowded intersection.

“Blocking an intersection is an a**hole move,” wrote user kevmo77. “Gunning through a blocked intersection is a dangerous thing to do.”

Others pointed out that if a car had attempted to blast into a blocked intersection there would be no question who had made the mistake. 

“I think this is a great point, if anyone in a car had done the same thing it would've been clear that they were at fault,” wrote user Pumpkinsweater. “Even if it was a situation where a car could barely squeeze through, no one would gun it like that. I think the key thing is that the bike hit the car because he was traveling too fast to react.”

The video ends with the motorcyclist telling onlookers the incident was his second accident. 

That wasn’t a surprise to some. 

“He said it was his second accident, 12 times. I can't believe it's ONLY his 2nd,” wrote jennthemermaid.

Sources: YouTubeReddit / Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube


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