Mother's Rant On Dropping Kids Off At School Goes Viral (Video)


Anyone who’s ever dropped off a youngster at school via car knows that navigating the line can feel like driving in a Monster Truck rally. Horns are inevitably honked, adult words are uttered in perhaps not-so-hushed tones, and breaks are slammed. 

Blogger Jenny Ingram of Seattle, Washington, has had enough of the chaos and her video (below) on the subject has gone viral, Buzzfeed reported.

“My oldest is in 10th grade so I’ve been dealing with school drop off for a very long time,” Ingram told BuzzFeed. “I am tired.”

In a ranting video, which has garnered nearly 300,000 views, Ingram forcefully tells parents to pull their cars forward. Seemingly flustered, Ingram, who runs the blog Jenny On The Spot, talked about a mother at her child’s high school who dropped her son off in the wrong area. 

“What I’m saying is, for people who do not pull forward, the world is bigger than you,” she said. “Your child can walk an extra five yards, ten yards. Heaven forbid they have to walk from the far end of the building to the other end of the building because they have feet and they can walk.”

Sources: Buzzfeed, Jenny On The Spot/YouTube / Photo Credit: Screenshot via Jenny On The Spot/YouTube

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