Mother Teaches Daughter Lesson After Catching Her Skipping Class (Video)


A teenage girl learned the hard way why she shouldn’t skip school.

Jeannie Crutchfield, a mother from Casper, Wyoming, heard that her daughter was cutting class and decided she needed to do something about it. She followed her daughter with a camera, filming her as she walked through the school to make sure her daughter made it to class. Then she posted the video to Facebook.

“It was kind of just spur of the moment,” Crutchfield told KTWO. “I debated whether I was going to do it or not and I was like I’m just going to do it.”

The mother said she wanted her daughter Ricki to know that that sort of behavior would not be tolerated.

“You thought it was cute to ditch with your friends,” she said to her daughter. “Now lets see how cute you think it is to sit with your mom during class.”

Despite the embarrassment, Ricki knows what her mom did was just because she loves her and wants her to succeed.

“It just goes to show that my mom cares,” Ricki told KTWO. “My friend Ruby, she’s in WCC and she said she wished her mom would have done that for her.”

Sources: KTRKABC NewsYouTube / Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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